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Talks about study, relationships
Speaks: hindi, english
PG, Qualified many national and state-level exams.

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I’m a 29-years post-graduate student in Power Electronics. Currently, working as Patent Examiner GoI in New Delhi.

My journey to the present position was not smooth, it was completely a roller coaster ride. During pursuing my academics, there were many instances when there were multiple options and no one was there to guide me; I was all alone and was imitating what my friends were supposed to do and society suggested. And after that followed some failures in which one of the majors was not getting into IIT/NIT; and this was the instant when I felt like I have nothing left in life. I lost interest in everything. But somehow by my family and friends’ support, I gained strength and focus back in my studies. I graduated from MITS Gwalior in Electrical Engineering in Honours; cleared GATE and did my post-graduation from Indore. During this period I had cleared many state level and all India Level Exams.

I can guide you with your focus issues during your preparation as I faced on many occasions and gained it back too. Also, I can guide you with job preparation/career planning which can either be technical or non-technical.

Note: Rahul here is for generosity and his interest in guiding students. He will not be gaining any money/gift from this platform.

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