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I was the weird kid; always fighting, not so good in looks, introverted, don’t know how to talk to girls. I also had huge anger issues which is uncontrollable at that time.

After a period of time, I started realizing that my anger issues are so big that I can hurt anyone. I also hurt myself because of that inside feeling of anger. One day a fight started and my classmates started beating me so to save myself I ran and try to jump from the 6th floor because I can’t control my anger so it was gonna be them or me, thankfully till that time a teacher reached me and saved me after that incident. I start spending time thinking about what I have done and how to overcome my anger issues. I started doing yoga, meditation, dance, workout, sports, and almost in a year it helped me, that I don’t even like to fight now, started ignoring dumb things which was the main reason for my anger. Also in this period of time, I got interested in sports.

The second major thing which I faced during my school is fights between parents which was so depressing because sometimes it ends up to physical violence which broke me a lot of time but when started working on myself I started thinking about this too and I began to stand for my mom after explaining for weeks to father he changed and become a good man yeah I know that no one can change in that short time so like he trying to be a good man after that. After making a lot of things I realized that I was alone the whole time and now I am not even trying because I understand that doing something dumb earn me their friendship but that is not worth it and this is the thing which I struggled till now. After that, I have started thinking that I will be alone my whole life and leftover from anything because no one is there for me to talk or play, for a year I was fine with this thing but after changing school I begin to feel so leftover that started doing the thing which teenagers liked the most talking about trending stuff, trying to talk with girls and for 2 years it went good but after everything again collapsed I became alone which I don’t want so to gain that confidence I started to workout and going gym for a drop year it went so good. I was studying, workout, good mental health.

I joined a university next year from that on things went good for six months friends, seniors, I was kind of popular in my college, also having a girlfriend in the first year everything was going good. But I stopped workout being weak and losing weight every day and after six months I lost 12 kgs and ended up at 69kg also looks super skinny which is depressing in my second-semester girlfriend broke up with me, friends left me some relations which I made there are lost now and I started hanging out with some seniors which were addicted to drinking, smoking and other stuff which was not good, I started drinking and smoking with them and because of that thing I lost my confidence, having anxiety, being depressed, falling sick and a lot of stuff which broke me more and more, one day I went for a night out alone and that whole night I just thought about things which happen with me I decide to quit drinking and smoking so I can start working on me and now I am far better than that person which I was and I am happy for that decision. There are things that I struggle with today too but now I can handle most of them.

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