What does it feel like to be addicted to something?
feeling addicted to something

Many people who have never struggled with addiction find it difficult to realize why and how others become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some people doubt or minimize the anguish that addiction causes, while others, even those who sympathize with addicts, cannot truly comprehend the agonizing, exhausting battle that addiction is. In context of this lack of awareness, mental health specialists and recovering addicts describe exactly what it’s like to be addicted, from the beginning stages until recovery. Everyone’s addiction experience is different. This article is not meant to represent or stigmatize any individual or group; rather, it is meant to promote understanding of people who struggle with addiction.

Addiction is described as the inability to cease using a drug or engaging in a behavior that is hazardous to one’s mental and physical health. The term “trusted source” does not simply refer to drug addiction, such as heroin or cocaine. In this article we are going to discuss about some of the facts about addiction. Also What does it feel like to be addicted to something? Lets check some of the signs and facts about addiction below.

Some signs of Addiction:

Fleeting Pleasure

Addiction is more about fleeing misery than it is about having fun. Addicts use the chemical to alleviate short-term discomfort, but this comes at a cost in the long run.

Loss of Control

Encouraging someone to simply stop using is like to telling them to simply stand up and get over a broken limb. Addiction robs people of their natural sense of control over their lives, leaving them feeling helpless.

Intense Craving

We frequently hear people say things like “I’m really craving ice cream” in everyday life. Consider this emotion increased to the degree of addiction if you’ve ever felt powerless in the face of desserts. This puts the sensation of control into context.

Isolation and Self-loathing

The guilt of self-loathing is mixed with the feeling of solitude. Substance abuse becomes a coping mechanism for this spiral of loneliness and self-loathing. Which is one of the fact about addiction.

Some people have the desire to recover yet are stuck

The majority of persons who suffer from addiction live a second life. Most of the time, you try to hide your addiction from most people, even when it is clear to those around you.You find it difficult to confess to yourself that you have an addiction because, no matter how fleeting, it provides you with that brief moment when everything is fine. You want to break free from your addiction and avoid going back to square one, with all the losses you’ve accumulated while suffering.

Withdrawal from a drug or alcohol addiction

Certain symptoms may occur when a person with an addiction quits using the substance or engaging in the behavior. Acute withdrawal can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms and, in rare cases, death in persons who have become physically reliant on a drug.

Addiction treatments

Addiction treatment is very customized, and it frequently necessitates the help of a person’s community or family. Treatment can be time-consuming and difficult. Addiction is a long-term illness that has a variety of psychological and physical consequences. Different management strategies may be required for each substance or habit. There are numerous groups that can assist someone suffering from addiction. A person might also get help with their addiction by calling a helpline. If you feel like to talk about it with a person who has been in same emotions and feelings. You can connect one of listeners at sorted vibe. It provides a judgement free space to share your emotions over Chat & Call

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