"I hate myself, I don't look good"; how to get rid of feeling of self-ashamed?
self ashamed

“I hate myself, I don’t look good”, how to get rid of feeling of self-ashamed?

“You should be ashamed of yourself!” is a term that everyone of us have heard many time. But, exactly, what does it mean to be ashamed? Where does shame originate from and how can you know if you’re experiencing it? Is there such a thing as too much or too little shame? What distinguishes it from guilt? Are you capable of overcoming emotions of shame? These are all excellent questions, but they are difficult to respond to since the feeling of shame is so complex. You’re certainly aware that shame is a negative emotion that makes you feel bad. What you might not realize is that your experience is shared by almost everyone you’ve ever met – even those few people you think have it all together and brim with confidence all the time. In this article we are going to discuss how people are ashamed of their looks and how to get rid of it.

Shame is defined by psychologists as the subjective feeling that you are in some way unworthy of being accepted by another person or belonging to a certain group. Most people are ashamed of their looks. Which is just rubbish. It’s unbelievable that more than half of our adult population feels ashamed about their looks.

Where Does Shame Originate?

Shame is not the same as guilt, which is the feeling of having done something wrong. Guilt develops as a result of your actions or decisions, whereas shame is related to how you feel about yourself and your value. Shame may come from a variety of places. Some people acquire shame as a result of critical parents who told them they weren’t good enough in some way, either explicitly or subconsciously. Even the most loving parents might have unrealistic expectations, leaving their children feeling inadequate. Parents who are harsh, verbally or emotionally abusive, and/or negligent of their children are more likely to produce children who believe they are not OK in some basic manner.

10 Some signs of feeling ashamed of your looks

  • Feeling unappreciated
    Being worried what others think about you
    Wanting to have the last word
    Uncontrollable blushing
    Feeling sensitive
    Feeling like others take advantage of you
    Not wanting to be the center of attention
    Trying to hide yourself or be inconspicuous
    Being a wallflower or shrinking violet
    Feeling strange or left out, or like as if you are an outsider

The Impact of Shame On Someone

If you’ve ever felt shame, you’re probably aware of how damaging it can be to your life. The majority of shame’s effects result in behaviors that sustain the vicious cycle. You are ashamed, which leads to you engaging in actions that might lead to additional humiliation. Alternatively, these practises may be harmful in and of themselves, resulting in physical or mental health issues.

Overcoming Shame in the Long-Term

Shame is a complicated human feeling that can have a variety of reasons or triggers, and it takes time and effort to recover.You may find it helpful to talk to a professional about your feelings rather than try to conquer your shame on your own, depending upon the type of shame you have. One should try getting proper therapy sessions in order to overcome your shame.

Furthermore, if you have other mental health issues, a mental health expert will be able to assist you with those as well.

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"I hate myself, I don't look good"; how to get rid of feeling of self-ashamed?

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