How to deal with my competitive jealousy?
competitive jealousy

We all are competitive in some or other facets of our life. We want it or not but we are put into this competitive world.

Be it a career, personal life, relationship, etc.
A positive and healthy spirit of competition in life can be fun and stimulating. It can help you in creating a successful life for yourself.

Being competitive is not bad but when it starts getting converted to jealousy, it can be destructive to your success.

Having a mentor or someone whom you look up to is good but an unhealthy spirit of competition against other people can be damaging to your self-worth.

Jealousy comes in two ways. One is either we can’t achieve the success the other person has achieved and another way when we don’t want that person to achieve.
Jealousy can also be due to fear of losing the status or position in the job, fear of being left behind in life, or fear of getting replaced.

Ironically it is easier to accept a stranger getting success but difficult to accept when someone close to us achieves the same. The achievements of our loved ones bother us more than a stranger’s.

If we do not control this emotion of getting jealous of others’ success and keep on comparing ourselves with others then it can lead us to a path of sabotage, backstabbing, and gossiping. We should understand that such behavior can be self-destructive and can hurt us.

If you are the person who feels such competitive jealousy then here are a few ways in which you can control your emotions:

Find the root of your problem-
Insecurity in life is the biggest reason for such jealousy. The sense of being unworthy or any such kind of experience can be the reason. Challenges and disappointment in professional and personal life can make us experience insecurity. So acknowledge the reason for your pain and address it by meditating, reading self-help books, and journaling. You can consult a counselor or therapist for help.

Change your mindset-
There is a famous saying that People are not disturbed by things but by the view they take of them. Change your perspective of life. Develop an abundance mindset. Believe in yourself. You can attract everything in life with a positive belief. Try saying positive affirmations, count your blessings, and express gratitude.

Understand the beauty of uniqueness-
Everything is different but still, we compare. Everyone has different paths in life and has a unique destiny. Comparing ourselves with others can only be a distraction from our path of accomplishments. We should focus and concentrate our energy on our path. We should make choices that will help us in growth.

Set your goals-
Having a purpose in life is important so that we don’t get distracted and feel worthless. Instead of setting others’ success as a benchmark, it’s better to set your standards in life. This way you will be focused on yourself and won’t get distracted by others’ success.

The bottom line is that everyone is different and thus their way of living life, problems, circumstances, success journey, relationships are different. No one can be compared to others. God has created everyone differently and we should understand and appreciate this beauty of being unique from others to avoid unhealthy competition.

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