How to tell my parents that I am Lesbian or Gay?

Not being acceptable as a homosexual is quite common these days. Mostly the parents of such children find it difficult to accept this. They consider it a disease that needs a cure. India has passed a law that has considered homosexuality legal in India but unfortunately, still, people misunderstand it and are not able to accept it.

Homosexual communities face discrimination from society and their family as well. Due to such behavior, they often find it difficult to accept themselves and reveal their interests.

The solution to this problem is first of all accept yourself and understand that it is normal.
If you are finding it difficult to tell your parents that you are gay then here are a few things that you should consider before coming out to your parents.

Choose the right time and place without distractions-
Make sure when you are revealing your interest, you should be at the right place. This is a serious conversation and it requires a calm place. Make sure there are no distractions around as you need your parents’ full concentration.

Accept their reactions-
Accept the first reaction of your parents. It is natural for your parents to have some preconceived notions and it will take time to understand and be comfortable with this fact. They would have many expectations from you so it’s not easy for them. Put yourself in their shoes and don’t judge their first reaction.

Take turns while telling both parents-
Instead of telling both your parents about this, it’s better to tell them one by one. First, tell your mother or father whom you are more close to.

Be prepared for their questions-
Your parents might put up questions on you so be prepared for all those. Answer their questions calmly and honestly.

Educate them-
Your parents might not be aware of this and this so it’s your responsibility to educate them properly. Show them that many people are like this and it’s quite normal. Introduce them to the LGBTQ community for better understanding.

Take help of your friends-
If you are not comfortable sharing this with your parents then you can take help from your friends or other family members. You can take the help of people who are sailing in the same boat as you.

Don’t get anxious-
While having this discussion with your parents don’t get anxious. You need to be patient while talking to your parents. It is new for them to understand their mindset.

Consult a therapist-
You can talk to a therapist, a counselor, or a psychologist for help if you need it. They might help your parents understand this more clearly.

Being a homosexual is not a crime and it’s normal. Do not let anyone impose their interests on you. Take your stand and go ahead.

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