What is it like to be in an abusive relationship?
Abusive relationship

Being in an abusive relationship is the worst thing that can happen to you ever.

Relationships are for love, care, respect, support, and strength. They are not hatred, abuse and torture. No one in this world deserves an abusive relationship. 


Being in an abusive relationship is like not being able to breathe freely. A constant threat to be perfect revolves around all the time. It’s very suffocating to be in an abusive relationship. 


Abuse does not only mean physical violence but mental harassment, constant discouragement, humiliation for every little thing you do in public and private both, Character assassination, public embarrassment, insults, putting down your interests, judging your choices, and disrespect. 


Abusers never behave that way in public but they show their real face in private just to make sure that when you raise your voice against them, they can prove you wrong. 

Mostly in abusive relationships, the abuser makes you feel like you are overreacting to their behavior and it’s common in relationships.

Your abuser will try to cut you off from your friends, family, and social circle and will make you feel that nobody loves you except him. They make you lonely. 

Your partner will tell you that they love you but will never do anything to make you feel that way. 

They will try to control your life, make all your decisions, try to emotionally blackmail you, give you direct orders, have frequent outbursts, and stonewall you.



But let me tell you very frankly that abuse is not a part of any relationship. I agree that there are ups and downs, disagreements, misunderstandings, fights, arguments but abuse is never part of it. 


Abusive relationships constantly eat you, destroy your mental health, ruin your career, lower your self-esteem, blames you, constant manipulation, control, threatening, criticism and make you lose your identity and individuality. 


Abusive relationships change your mindset about relationships, your beliefs will get shattered, you will lose your confidence and ability to recognize and accept the truth. 


Victims of abusive relationships can be both men and women. People of any gender irrespective of age can experience abusive relationships. Abuses not only happen in romantic mergers but sometimes parents, caretakers, friends, siblings, bosses, or business partners can be abusive. 


If you are experiencing it, no matter what it’s not your fault and you deserve to be out of it. 


The emotional damage that happens due to being in an abusive relationship takes a long time to be repaired because it affects the victim’s ability to function properly. Loss of your dignity is the biggest price you pay for being in an abusive relationship. 

It’s always better to get rid of such relationships and the person as soon as possible because you deserve better and nothing is more important than you for yourself.

If that relationship is not making you feel happy and content, trust me it’s not worthy of you and your precious time. 

Walk out of that relationship.

Life is beautiful and you will find the person who will give you all the love, respect, and care that you deserve. 





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