How to make parents understand your feelings?
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The relationship between parents and child is very different from other relationships. This bond is the most pious and selfless. But like every relationship, it also goes through phases when things don’t align as expected. It might be due to the generation gap and different lenses to view things. Disagreements, misunderstandings, conflicts can happen between parents and children at a certain age. It happens in every family and everyone goes through this phase at least once in their life when they think that their parents don’t understand them.

During the Teenage period, miscommunication is very common between parents and children. Teenagers mostly find it easier to communicate their thoughts with their friends rather than with parents. This is due to misconceptions that parents won’t understand.

But every problem has a solution. Effective communication is the key to resolve all such issues. Life becomes easier when you find a way to communicate your thoughts to your parents.

Here are a few things you can do to make your parents look through your perspectives about life and things.

1. Talk to them regularly

To develop a friendly bond it is important to communicate with your parents regularly. Update them with your life happenings regularly. Talk to them about everyday things so that it becomes easier to talk about difficult things.

2. Choose the right time

When you want to discuss something important make sure you choose the right time. Timing is everything. If you choose the wrong timing it might make things worse. Let them be in the right mood before you take your problems to them.

3. Decide what you want to say

If you want to have a difficult conversation with your parents make sure you have a clear perspective about that particular thing. So that you can express yourself more clearly and confidently.

4. Be honest and clear

Don’t beat around the bush, rather put things honestly and clearly in front of your parents. It’s better to be brutally honest than just trying to cook stories.

5. Listen to them also

To have effective communication it is important to be an active listener also. If you want them to respect and understand your point of view then it’s your moral responsibility as well to understand their perspective. It will build a mutual understanding and you can reach a common ground.

6. Be respectful

No matter how difficult your parents are, never disrespect them. Because they are the only people who love you selflessly and can never think of hurting you. So stay calm while having difficult conversations. Keep your words and tone respectful. Don’t raise your voice.

7. Think before you react

Don’t give instant reactions to everything they say. Take your time to process everything before you react. Your reaction may affect the result you are expecting.

Things will not always be easier with parents. Even after doing the above-mentioned things you might not be able to make them understand your perspectives.

You can’t always expect your parents to understand everything. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree with your parents and the same thing goes the other way round. So accept it and move on.

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