How to know whether it is love or infatuation?
Love or infatuation

Love is the most complicated feeling and it can put a sane person in the most confusing state. No one to date has ever understood love properly. All the philosophy of love is derived from the personal experience of different people.
This feeling of love can be very confusing. People often misinterpret attraction to be love. But we need to understand that there is a fine line between love and infatuation. Infatuation can also be a part of love but it can not be completely considered as love. We need to understand the difference so that we can be able to analyze our feelings. Here are a few ways in which you can differentiate between love and infatuation.

Physical attraction-
When someone is attracted to a person based on his or her physical attributes and is not considering other things then it is infatuation. Infatuation can be put in the category of lust which is intoxicating. Love is not just about physical attributes. Love is passion. It doesn’t need physical presence or touch. When your relationship is predominantly about physical intimacy rather than emotional stability and friendship then it is infatuation. You can understand this difference in the way that he or she is the first person in your mind when you are going through a bad phase? If yes then it’s love but if not then it’s just infatuation.

Sense of security-
When someone makes you feel secure emotionally, then it is love. Love is when you are attracted to the soul and you are yourself with that person. You can share your feelings, darkest secrets, desires without the feeling of getting judged, then it is love. Their presence makes you feel protected and safe. When you are with them you don’t think about anything else but just them. The emotional involvement with that person is the feeling of love.

Trust issues-
When you are in love you don’t question the honesty of the person because you trust the relationship. But when it is infatuation you have the feeling of insecurity and thus you doubt the intentions of the person because physical attraction is temporary. Overthinking about the relationships, constant threat of breakup and uncertainties are the signs of infatuation. If you can’t count on that person when you are in need then you should understand that it’s infatuation.

Out of sight, out of mind-
Love is something that is felt and does not need the presence of the person. Even if your partner is away from you and you still feel their presence because the bond you share is love. But when your partner is out of your sight and you are not feeling anything then it’s high time to realize that it’s not love but mere infatuation.

The bottom line is that no one can tell you about your feelings other than you. So take your time in your relationship and let your feelings settle down before you make any commitment. Don’t run by your hormones.

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