Why do people cheat in a relationship instead of ending it first?

Relationships are not a cakewalk. It goes through all ups and downs. It has good days and bad days which is normal. Handling a relationship and making it work is a hard nut to crack. These days people take relationships for granted and thus breakups happen.

Cheating is the most complex and negative experience that can happen to someone. It’s not as simple as cheating in exams. Cheating in relationships involves emotional turmoil and setbacks. It can ruin the lives of many people.

If we take the literal meaning of cheating then it can be the way of getting something inorganically that you don’t have or you are craving for it. It can be money, time, attention, love, care, respect, and power.

Cheating in relationships can happen due to many reasons. It can be insecurity, dissatisfaction, lack of attention, etc. Now you will ask that if someone is not happy in a relationship then it’s better to break up and find someone more compatible. But guys it’s not that easy. That’s why people cheat instead of ending it first.

It’s very complicated to answer this question. But here are a few reasons that might help you in answering your query.

Situational reasons and opportunities-
We cannot control situations and thus infidelity happens. This is the weirdest answer but this is how it is. In this digital world, it’s very easy to find relationships. You just need to swipe right. But here comes commitment and honesty.
Sometimes people fall into such situations that they get bound to slip. Such situations are really hard to deal with. One has to be quite strong enough emotionally otherwise such a situational trap like traveling alone, working late at night with colleagues, etc. The one who cheats often blames situations for the same.

We all seek validations in our life whether it is work-related or emotions-related. We all are human beings and when we don’t get validation from the person we are expecting then it is common to get entitled towards the person we are getting it from. Insecurity and low self-esteem become the reason for such inclination. Also sometimes physical attributes of the other person act as a catalyst.

The desire for change-
Seeking change is human nature. We can’t just live in the sea surrounding us all our life. We need to change frequently. In relationships that change can be sexual desires and passion. The person who cheats might need variety in the relationship and that can be the reason they are looking for someone else.

Expectations lead to disappointment. Sometimes unrealistic expectations of a partner can force the person to feel overwhelmed and thus they cheat with another person whom they are more comfortable with. Also sometimes when the expectations are not met then also people cheat. It can be sexual desires, emotional needs, etc.

Lack of courage-
The one who cheats might give you the reason that they still love you but can’t stop themselves from cheating. It’s due to a lack of courage to get out of that relationship.

Cheating or staying committed is a choice. So if someone is cheating that means that they choose to do so, reason can be any. So as a victim don’t believe that person. Take your stand and get rid of that person. Because once a cheater, always a cheater.

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