Toxic Relationship!! What is the way out?
Toxic Relation

Relationships are a part of our life. Sometimes they become a boon but sometimes a curse. It is very important to realize when a relationship is turning toxic. A toxic relationship can ruin the mental health of a person and can put him/her in trouble. If your relationship is no longer the reason for your smile or it’s being too hard on your mental health then it’s better to get out of it.

People find it difficult to get out of a committed relationship even when it turns toxic for them. I agree that it’s not easy to just forget and move on. But if that relationship is driving you crazy and draining all your positive energy then it’s better to leave that.

If you are experiencing these things in your relationship then it’s high time to get rid of them.

1. Lack of support from your partner
2. Toxic communication
3. Constant Jealousy
4. Controlling behavior
5. Disrespect and dishonesty
6. Constant stress

Everything can be fixed, even relationships. But it has to be mutual. Both the partners have to be in coordination to make the relationship work.

If you are finding it difficult then you can try the below-mentioned ways. These might help you in your toxic relation.

Discuss with your partner-
Moving out of the relationship might be your decision but it will affect the other person as well. So take out time to discuss your relationship with your partner. Make it clear why you don’t want to stay in that anymore and how it is affecting your well-being. Don’t beat around the bush and behave maturely. Be respectful and inform your partner about your decision.

Confront your emotions-
After breakups, people tend to behave differently. They try to run from their feelings which makes it even difficult to move on. The most organic way to move out of a toxic relationship is to confront your feelings and embrace all your emotions. Cry your heart out, pen down your feelings, or share with your friends.

Don’t attempt to go back-
Even if your emotions are driving you crazy, don’t attempt to go back. You might feel emotionally insecure at times but going back will make things even worse.

Take your time-
Don’t rush, everything takes time. Every emotion is temporary. What is making you sad today, will not affect you Tomorrow. So let these feelings settle and fade away on their own.

Get yourself a Hobby-
Diverting your energy to something positive will help you grow out of that emotional setback. Find a hobby that inspires you.

Consult a therapist-
If nothing is helping you out, it is better to consult a therapist. It’s better to talk to someone than deal all on your own. Therapists will help you come out of this situation with a bit of counseling.

Moving out of a toxic relationship is worth it. Take your time and move out of it. If that person is not worthy of your time and loves it’s better to leave them. Get yourself a life that you are worthy of. Sorted Vibe is an android app where you will be heard by someone who also went through same issue like yours, so feel free and connect.

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