How can we completely concentrate while studying?
Concentrate on studies

Student life is a very important phase in everyone’s life. It has a huge impact on our future.  Academic years are the golden period of one’s life because it creates a foundation for later learnings.

But nothing is easier, not even studying. So it is very important to be focused while studying whether you are in school or university.

Every student faces this challenge of losing focus while studying which is why their grades get affected. Social media distractions, procrastination, and lack of time management skills are a few major challenges that a student faces.

Here are a few tips in which you can create a surrounding for yourself that will help you concentrate while studying.

1. Find a suitable environment-

You cannot study anywhere, so you need to find a place where you can focus just on your books. You need to find a place where there are negligible distractions so that your focus doesn’t break. Make sure that place has an ample amount of light and air.  You need to look for a quiet place with no distracting sound or people nearby.  Get comfortable seating so that it doesn’t add to your discomfort and distractions.  It’s your responsibility to create a suitable environment for your study session.

2. Create a routine-

The regular and routine study is more beneficial than one night of mugging-ups. You have to create a study ritual for yourself. It can be creating a timetable according to which you sit daily for studying on that stipulated time. It will create a flow and you will be more productive.

3. Block distractions-

Social media, Internet, and notifications from websites are the ultimate distractions in today’s generation. If you want to concentrate on your study then switch off all the notifications for the number of hours you are studying. If possible keep your mobile phone switched off to avoid calls as well.

4. Use the Pomodoro technique-

Pomodoro is a very popular technique and is used by all successful people to increase their productivity. This technique says that you work or study for 30/45 minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes. Then again study for 30/45minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes. This way you can create 3 to 4 Pomodoro slots for yourself and get your work done. After that take a long break of 20 minutes. This technique is very beneficial for those people who are not able to concentrate for a longer period.

5. Keep your snacks and water with you-

During focussed study sessions one may feel thirsty and hungry, so to avoid this distraction you can keep your water bottle and a few ready-to-eat dry snacks handy. Keep them on your table for easy access.

6. Use sticky notes and highlighters-

It is impossible to remember everything learned. So instead of trying to remember everything you can use sticky notes and highlighters to make notes for easy remembrance. You can make your crisp notes.

The bottom line is that concentration is not something inborn. It is something acquired with practice and consistent efforts.

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