How to plan revision one day before exam ?
Revision at one day

It mostly depends on what was your revision regime prior to this. Hence I decide my revision on case to case basis. When You have started revision in advance – While doing revision in advance, I do make some very short notes where I mention only those things of each topic which I often forget. So I go through such notes at least 2 times. Further for revision one day before exam,  you can focus on facts and figures aspects. because If we understand anything conceptually, we have tendency to remember longer. We often forget facts, numbers or whatever we have not understood well. So In last day, I try to recall facts, major outcomes, formulas etc. in addition to this, I try to create images and flowcharts in my mind quickly for most important things.. When you have not revised well in past – This leads to horrible and panic situation. We study a lot and don’t revise often. It gives a sense that our syllabus is over but it often things are difficult to recall. In this case, I apply 80:20 rule. I try to identify those 20% questions/portion of syllabus where there is 80% probability of appearing in the exam. I try to coverup those things. Whatever I understand, It’s good. Otherwise I try to mug up those things. This strategy is not applicable to competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, GATE etc. This works well for school, College exams. To conclude, Plan your revision in advance, revise your short notes, focus on facts and figures. I can help you more, you can connect me at Sorted Vibe. Regards

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