What to do when you know that you are going to fail?
When about to fail

Failure can be a painful and unwelcome experience. It can appear in a plethora of forms, such as not obtaining the desired academic grades, failing a job application, having a relationship collapse, or experiencing a general defeat. In this article we will know what should a person do when they are thinking that they are going to fail.

Failure is an unfortunate part of life, but it is also a vital part of it. Many people, however, will go to great measures to avoid failing since the emotions we can experience as a result of failing can be quite painful. Nonetheless, a fear of failure might prevent us from seizing opportunities that could help us succeed – thus, rather than avoiding situations that could lead to failure, a better approach is to shift our perception of failure.

Here are four warning signals that you’re about to fail (unless you do something about it).

Making excuses: 

If you or someone you care about has noticed you making a lot of excuses in your life, it’s a warning sign that you need to get your eyes back on the road, since you might be on your way to failure.

Acceptance of what is: 

When you feel like you’ve exhausted all possibilities and are “stuck” with what is, you should be aware that there is a severe problem in any relationship, department, organisation, or human brain. You are never stuck.

Being too comfortable: 

If you’d like to be in a various situations but are completely relaxed and don’t want to make a fuss about your current situation, you’re definitely too comfortable. And you’re doomed to fail. Mostly because you aren’t going anywhere.

Staying disappointed in yourself: 

You may be disappointed that you did not meet your expectations. Suck up these times, and when you’re finished, move on. If you’re self-aware enough to realize you’re wallowing in grief over absurd things for more than a millisecond longer than necessary, you’re doomed. It suggests you’re putting too much strain on yourself and placing much too much importance on a single issue.

 Let’s See What Do I Do When I Know That I am Going To Fail:

Whether you were passed over for a promotion at work or could not qualify for a marathon, failing hurts. Many people will go to considerable efforts to avoid failing in order to avoid experiencing uncomfortable emotions. There are numerous reasons why you may feel like a failure. Like we have discussed signs that you’re about to fail. However, If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m a failure,” it’s vital to realize that there are things you can do to feel better. Knowing how to deal with failure in a healthy way removes some of the fear—and may decrease the agony, allowing you to bounce back stronger than before. 

Coping With Failure:

Recognize Unhealthy Efforts to Relieve Pain

You may be tempted to remark, “I never wanted that job anyhow,” but diminishing your suffering will not make it go away. Distracting yourself or trying to replace the hole you feel with food, drugs, or alcohol will not heal your suffering. These remedies will only give you with short-term relief.

Recognize the problematic methods in which you try to avoid or reduce suffering in your life. Using coping strategies that cause more harm than benefit will simply make matters worse.

Recognize Irrational Fears of Failure

At some time in your life, you may have adopted some unreasonable notions about failure. Perhaps you believe that failure means you’re a failure or that you’ll never succeed. Or perhaps you believe that if you fail, no one will like you.

These kinds of ideas are false, and they can keep you from trying tasks where you could fail. Make a point of identifying any unreasonable assumptions that may be influencing your emotions and actions.

Allow yourself to experience emotions.

When we fail, we can feel a variety of unpleasant emotions, including shame, disappointment, grief, concern, wrath, and embarrassment, among others. These emotions hurt, and our tendencies are typically to avoid or repress them in order to avoid them. Allow yourself time to get through it, understanding that failure is a part of everyone’s life experience and, in fact, is necessary for success.

Try Taking help of your friend or a doctor:

Failure may be crippling at times. Consider obtaining professional treatment if you’re struggling to function after failing at something. Whether you’ve had a bad marriage or a failing business, talking to a mental health expert can help you recover.

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