How to overcome the feeling of Emptiness?
feeling emptiness

Life is a roller coaster ride of emotions and problems. We encounter different kinds of emotions throughout our life. But there are only a few that we acknowledge consciously. Human beings are blessed with the power of expressing their emotions in countless ways. But we fail to recognize that in many aspects of life. We have an emotional relationship with ourselves which makes our personality and we as a person. It is very important to establish a connection with ourselves so that we can live a fulfilling life.

Sometimes this connection gets weakened which leads to numerous emotional setbacks and turmoil.

Emptiness is a feeling when a person lacks purpose in life and feels a void inside. Sometimes a person feels disconnected from their soul and that can also lead to the feeling of emptiness. We usually blame other people or state any absurd reason for having such feelings. Depression, anxiety, or stress are reasons behind which we usually hide this feeling. But this is not true every time.

Feeling of emptiness can be due to various reasons which we usually fail to acknowledge due to lack of self-awareness.

As I stated above, there can be various reasons. This article will help you realize and overcome your feelings of emptiness in simple ways.

1. Acknowledge your emotions-

The first step in overcoming the feeling of emptiness is acknowledging the emotions or feelings you are going through. Don’t hide them behind absurd reasons.

2. Confront your emotions-

Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed of the emotions you are going through. It is normal and many people are sailing in the same boat. So free yourself from societal judgments and confront your emotions. Learn to embrace your emotions and stop being dishonest with yourself. Because at the end of the day it’s only you who is going to be with you.

3. Take off your past baggage-

Past plays a very important role in shaping our present and future. Experiences from the past build a mindset that affects the present and future decisions. So if you have any kind of tragic or painful past experiences that haunts you then it’s better to take them off before they start affecting your emotions and life negatively. Don’t let your past ruin your present and future.

4. Establish a purpose in life-

Life without purpose is like a ship without a rudder. You will never feel lively until you have a purpose in life. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

5. Do what makes you feel lively and happy-

Happiness is a choice and it doesn’t come to you on its own. You have to make decisions and take the onus of your life. Choose what favors your mental peace and things that make you feel lively. Let your inner child explore what it wants.

6. Connect with people-

Building purposeful connections with people can help you heal and overcome this feeling. When we find people dealing with similar kinds of emotions it becomes easier for us to acknowledge ours. You can join social support groups or clubs for such connections.

7. Find Uniqueness in yourself-

Every human being is unique in their way and that is the beauty of nature. Embrace your flaws and let them positively define you. Everyone has something unique in them that makes them different from others. It can be your physical attributes, mental strength, or acquired skills. Whatever it is, find it out and make them your strength.

8. Believe in yourself-

You need to believe in yourself to build a connection with your soul. Life might throw hardships and only your internal strength will help you face that. So believe in your choices and decisions even if they are wrong at times. We are humans and we learn from our mistakes.

9. Build soulful connection-

We are just bodies without our souls. To nurture your soul as much as you can. Nothing lasts forever, not even your emotions. So don’t torture your soul for not feeling good all the time. Take out time for meditation and spiritual activities. It will help you establish a better connection with yourself.

10. Consult a therapist-

Consulting a therapist for emotional well-being is not embarrassing. It is as similar to consulting a doctor for a physical ailment. Find the right therapist for yourself when everything else fails. It is normal. Sometimes we are unable to process our feelings which a therapist can.

The feeling of numbness or hollowness is normal and can happen at any stage of our life. Don’t take it lightly because it hurts. Self-awareness and conscious acknowledgment of every emotion of yourself can make you a better human being and you will be able to live a happy and purposeful life.

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