How can you survive against all odds?
Surving against all odds

“Life is full of adversities and we cannot expect a life without problems.”

Imagine a life when everything is going in your favor and there is happiness all around. There is only one season throughout the year and nothing changes. Doesn’t it sound boring?
That’s why nature created diversity and frequent changes so that we can experience everything in our life.

Nature tends to test the survival skills of living beings. So that those who are not fit can be expelled.
There is a popular theory in biology called “Survival of the fittest” means those who can fight against all odds and make necessary changes in them will survive.

If plants and animals can do it why can’t we humans do that?

Ups and downs are a part of life. Life will become monotonous if everything goes smooth and steady. Problems will come and go, but the point is we need to survive.

Tips to follow when the situation is against you-

1. Confront your problem-
Running from your problems will make things even worse. Confront them bravely. Every problem has a solution.

2. Change your perspectives-
Change the way you see your problems. See your problems as a blessing in disguise. Once you change your perspective, life will become easier.

3. Learn from them-
We, humans, make mistakes and that’s how we learn and grow. Take lessons from your mistake and move on. Don’t just stick to one place all your life.

4. Take small steps-
Don’t think of taking bigger leaps at once. Take baby steps to resolve your issues. Small steps bring huge changes.

5. Push your limits-
Nothing will change unless you try to change them. You need to step out of your comfort zone to bring changes in your life. Try to push your limits and you will see that your problems are getting resolved.

6. Give time-
Everything takes time. You cannot expect things to change quickly and problems to get resolved instantly. You need to be patient when dealing with odds.

7. Embrace your odds-
Accept your situations and problems as a part of your life. Don’t avoid them and feel embarrassed about it. Everyone goes through miserable conditions in their life. But those who accept it are the ones who change it.

8. Stay optimistic-
Look at the brighter side of everything. I know it’s not easier to stay positive all the time. But accepting the negatives is also a way to stay positive.

I know it’s easier said than done but no one can help you do that unless you take the onus of your life. The willingness to change your life lies inside you. Gather your strength and take the plunge.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

Keep in mind that everything is temporary, even the problems. Nothing is going to stay forever. Accept the situation. Things will change and you will experience better days soon.

Don’t lose hope and trust the timings of the universe.

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