How to stay positive during the toughest time?
Stay positive

To say that we are living in difficult times is both a cliché and an understatement. News of the epidemic, economic troubles, and acrimonious political disputes have caused great concern and despair among many people in recent months.

However, when individuals reflect on their life, it is often the most difficult situations that have provided them with new perspectives or pushed them to develop the most. Of course, it doesn’t feel like that while you’re in the middle of a crisis. However, utilizing strategies from the field of positive psychology, you may take efforts to deal with stressful circumstances. This post is for you if you want to discover how to be positive even when the parts of life’s jigsaw puzzle don’t seem to fit together. We’ll talk about how to be happy in everyday situations, as well as how to stay cheerful at work when there are conflicts or even in the toughest time.

Reasons why we may be depressed right now

Most of us have had a rough year in 2020 – there are greater physical health concerns, many people are experiencing financial difficulties, and you may have found imprisonment difficult to deal with. With so much going on in the globe and so many unpleasant news stories, it’s easy to forget that we still have enough of day-to-day challenges to deal with, even before COVID, wildfires, and political upheavals. All of these things have the potential to affect your mental health and resilience, which is why it’s so essential to pay attention to your emotions and make sure you’re taking the time to strengthen yourself.

Whether you think of life as a roller coaster or a box of chocolates, we can all agree that, while it has its glorious moments, there are times when hope seems a long way off. We should be open to additional chances for reform and improvement during such difficult times.

What Should You Do During The Toughest Time In Order To Stay Positive

1. You should convince yourself that it’s fine to be sad sometimes

When you’re upset, the first thing you should do is accept that not feeling well is perfectly normal. All of our emotions are fleeting states that cannot be maintained indefinitely. We can’t be joyful every minute of every day, which implies we’ll feel unmotivated or melancholy at times. The first step in staying positive when things aren’t going well is to realize that it’s entirely normal to feel gloomy from time to time. It’s a natural part of the emotional range, and trying to be happy all of the time is harmful. It’s especially common when you haven’t seen your loved ones in a long time and your normal routines and support networks have been interrupted.

2. Developing emotional resilience can be beneficial

Emotional intelligence is generally characterized as the ability to respond to negative events and stressful situations effectively and strategically. When terrible events occur, such as the loss of a loved one or the rejection of a dream job, our emotions might spiral out of control. But resilience isn’t just for severe situations; it also helps you deal with pending deadlines at work and those days when nothing seems to go right.

3. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is an expression of thankfulness for what you receive, whether material or intangible. You appreciate the wonderful things in your life when you express thankfulness. This is something you can use in the past, present, and future (being hopeful and optimistic that there will be good things arriving). When things go awry, our brains are trained to notice. Keeping a thankfulness notebook, on the other hand, where you write down what you’re grateful for, makes you more conscious of when things go well.

In your toughest times do remember this, “Difficult times will always come. But there are certain things we can do to make them more manageable”.

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