"Good Touch" and "Bad Touch"; how to teach a small child about them?
Good Touch Bad touch

Sexual abuse is a very sensitive and serious topic. People don’t talk about it much because it is uncomfortable to talk about it. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. If something is causing discomfort that doesn’t mean we should not confront it and talk about it.
We all hear and read about sexual abuse now and then. People of every age group, regardless of their gender, become victims of this. But more often children become the easy target of these abusers as they are innocent and get afraid to talk and resist. Every parent wants to protect their child but they can’t be with their children all the time. They will have to send them to school, tuitions, and parks. Making them aware of the good touch and bad touch can save them from being victims of such sexual abuses. I know it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to talk about such sensitive topics with children at such an early age but you need to do that.

Here are a few ways in which you can make your child understand it.

Don’t tell them everything at once-
Initiate the conversation about this issue slowly. Don’t rush to make them understand things at once. It is as difficult for them as you so give them time. It’s better to first make them understand their body. Give them ownership of their body at an early stage so that they know that their body belongs to them only and no one can touch them without their permission. They have the right to say no if they don’t like anyone’s touch.

Use proper language-
Parents usually get awkward talking to children about their body parts. But if your child is getting curious about his/her body parts then don’t beat around the bush and use anatomical words. So that it’s easier for them to talk about it.

Make conversations light and easy-
Serious conversions often make children more conscious and afraid to talk and question. So when you are talking about this topic let it be light and easier. So that children can understand and ask counter questions. You can build a story while explaining this topic, children often relate to stories more easily.

Swim-suit concept-
The swim-suit concept is a great way to make children understand their private parts. You can tell them that the parts that get covered under their swimsuit are their private parts and no one should touch and see that area. Ask them to tell you if someone forcibly touches them because mom and dad will protect you.

Talk about different kinds of touches-
You can talk to your child about different kinds of touches. Tell them what Safe and good touch is and what uncomfortable and bad touch is. Associate touched with feelings. You can tell them that a safe touch feels like caring and loving so it can be pat on the back, wanted hugs etc. Bad touch will hurt their body such as hitting, pinching, touching their private parts. Tell them that a bad touch will make you feel scared and yucky.

Teach them to say NO-
It’s very important to teach your child to say No if they don’t like anyone touching them even if they are their friends and family members.

Early awareness of such a sensitive topic will save your child from being a victim of sexual abuse. So don’t feel awkward and talk to them. It is really important for their safety.

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